Training’s Policies to have a successful and professional

1. Spend at least 3-8 hours each day on Learning, Assignments and Research on topics that we are covering by:

– Going through the videos and class notes provided by instructor.

– Reading the Security+ book. Here are the amazon link to buy a book :


2. Doing all the assignments/labs/HomeWorks assigned to you

Notes : – if you miss the class 3 times without any valid reasons or If you fail to submit your assignments on time 2 times you shall be kicked out !

– Assignments are given every Wednesday and are due every Sunday at 10pm.


  1. If you have any questions during the presentation raise your hand and wait until you are allowed to talk
  2. For any questions or concerns contact prof Arlette directly or email the help desk at [email protected]
  3. Join the class 5 mins before the class start so we can start the class at 7 pm exactly.
  4. You must turn your camera on and have your real name on the profile during the class.
  5. While the presentation is ongoing mute your microphone.

Important Advices :

  1. Create a LinkedIn account (But don’t add a resume or Cloud profile yet).
  2. Add a second (or even a third) monitor to your laptop : to easily listen trainings on one screen and practice on another one.

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